What motivates me as an editor is team work. I enjoy the craft of story telling; working with others to bring an each episode to life; receiving input from a variety of eyes and then being the one to make it all happen. That is what motivates me as an editor.


My first love is music. I play several instruments and compose and produce a variety of musical styles for pleasure. It is a passionate hobby and one that has been in my life for many years.


Poetry and song lyrics have been the mainstay of my writing. In 2015 I wrote a book called "Unfolded and Grown". It is an decomposition of an art collective I founded as seen through my personal journey within it. Having written that one book I intend on writing more in the future.


As a musician I have become acutely aware of audio. I began my career as an audio editor so I developed a love for it. At home I operate a small studio where I do my personal music work. One goal I have is to develop a podcast about underground avantgarde musical artists.


Post production, television, music, writing and audio all converge most comfortably in my life both professionally and persoanlly. That which I continue to learn from these disciplines enables me to hone my craft as an editor with a vision where ... anything becomes possible.